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10 Reasons to Get a Digital Business Card

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Times are changing. Even paper business cards will be replaced by digital ones at some point. However, most of us want technology that empowers and welcomes everyone. So do we, that’s why we highly encourage you to consider the following 10 reasons to get a digital business card, for example, by using VERYCARDS.

1. Modern 💥

We follow the latest trends, provide you with choices of how your digital business card could look like and we always aim to improve existing templates by using Your feedback. You don’t need to constantly update the design to make it appealing, we will do it for you.

2. Personal

Having a small customer base allows us to focus on a very personal experience of every user, creating custom templates and advancing design. And you can always make your card even more personal by changing colours, images, links and descriptions. 

3. Affordable 💸

We believe that everyone should feel the benefits of technology; thus, our plans start from as little as £1/month and offers many great functions.

4. Simple

They are simply simple to use, especially if you want to create a great digital business card with little effort. 

5. Professional 

After all, they are called business cards and they are designed to be professional. 

6. Suitable for teams 

You can create and manage digital business cards for your team members from a single account. We can create a custom template that reflects your branding and we can offer custom pricing for your business. 

7. Environment-friendly

According to our very simplified calculations on average you may distribute 300 paper business cards a year, and they are usually not made from a very thin paper.

8. Cost-saving 💸

According to our very simplified calculations on average you may distribute 300 paper business cards a year, they would cost you approximately £50 and costs could be higher if you decide to update them due to changes in your details. With one of our plans you would have modern digital business cards for just £12/year. 

9. Always up-to-date

Time ⏳ goes by and your position, company, details, photo, description may change. Updating paper cards takes time, not even considering printing and shipping. However, you can update your digital business card on VERYCARDS in minutes. 

10. Available offline?

Sometimes there is no data connection available; thus, you may save your card page as a PDF and use AirDrop to send it to others. Since VERYCARDS allow you to customise your card’s URL address, you can just let others note it. Our favourite solution is to have a few backup cards with your name and QR code printed so that everyone would be able to get your details. You can copy your QR code from your digital business card page. 

Ready to get one 📇?

We offer a 14-day money back policy if you are not happy with our services, so there is simply no excuse for you not to try our amazing cards. For custom pricing, design, feedback, and other inquiries please contact

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