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What is a digital business card?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Digital business cards used to be somewhat a novelty but let‘s agree, they are the future, especially with the rising concerns of climate change 🌱.

So what’s the difference between a standard paper business card and a digital business card?

A digital business card is your everyday business card you are already used to. It just lives in the cloud, which means it takes less effort to create it, you can share it in seconds with almost anyone in the world and you are in full control of updating your details whenever needed.

What information can such card contain?

Digital business card contains contact details, information about your services or directs potential leads to your social media. By providing your digital business card to your potential leads, employers or colleagues, you can provide only the information that you want to share with them rather than relying on what they can find about you on the search engine. This is how you can finally take control of your personal brand image! 😀

How do I share a digital business card?

Since your card lives in the cloud there are many great ways to share it with others, such as: QR code for networking events, billboards, leaflets; customisable URL address for social media, links/buttons on websites, AirDrop for nearby Apple devices and you may even discover something new while using it.

I am not a techie and don’t want to spend much

We are here to help you! There is a high chance you will be able to create and use your card without any help, but just in case, we have articles explaining how it works + 24/7 email and phone support.

We are here to disrupt the industry, thus our prices are competitive and you can expect amazing features to be introduced on VERYCARDS in the near future. There is simply no better time to get a digital business card.

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