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Why you need a digital card when business networking

We have all been in the networking events, trying to make a good impression on other people, connect with potential business partners or get more leads and eventually increase our revenue. Good communication skills and manners, genuine interest in others can definitely make a difference when acquiring customers. A very important part of the way you represent your personal brand is your business cards.

So why bother creating these digital cards and why not stick to the traditional approach of paper business cards? Well, to put it simply, the whole concept of printed material is fragile in modern times and, as we have seen from the COVID-19 outbreak, it can collapse overnight. This is just one of the reasons why You have to be always ready and prepared for anything that might happen during the lifetime of Your career and adapt with the changes that our society faces. Somewhere deep in your mind you may possibly have a tiny thought, that times when we write only on iPads, get ads directly on social media and store business cards in Apple Wallet, are coming. So let‘s just very quickly cover what are the main advantages of digital cards.

1. Convenience

Have you ever used your phone or watch for contactless payments? Then you probably know that it is even faster than using a contactless card, since you can open, let‘s say the Wallet app by double-clicking the side button in approximately 0.8 seconds. Now think about how long it takes for you to take out your paper cards. And, oh, what if they are in your folder or in your purse? Oh no, we just lost a potential client!

And now imagine that with the same double click of the side button you can open the Wallet app and... there is your digital business card! But we are not here to advertise that VERYCARDS is the only website so far that offers this functionality, so let‘s just not include any link here.

2. Price

Have you EVER reprinted your paper business because

a) you have changed your phone/email/position/company?

b) the design didn’t look too good?

c) the previous cards were outdated?

If yes, there is a high chance that you will be able to save a lot of money by switching to digital business cards, since they:

a) can be updated 24/7,

b) their layouts are constantly monitored and improved,

c) you can change the design in seconds.

To sum up, these differences mean that you will most likely waste less money on unnecessary updates of your cards and will have more resources for your actual business.

3. Fragility

How many things could go wrong while printing the cards? I know from my personal experience that if you want to print paper cards, you have to either hire someone to do it properly for you, which is of course an additional expense, or you risk choosing incorrect colours, document sizes, picture quality, design and so on. Not even to mention that printed and digital images have completely separate colour schemes that have to be properly converted and in many cases look differently, which can affect your brand image.

Digital business cards diminish many of these problems since images are displayed digitally, the size of objects is already known and fixed, templates are in many cases optimised for various devices. It is very unlikely that you will run out of digital business cards to distribute in a very successful networking event, while paper business cards have a physical limit. And just in case, for whatever reason you can considerably quickly delete all of your details from a digital business card, so that no one who has the link or a QR code would be able to access your information. Printed information stays there forever.

In conclusion, digital business cards provide certain benefits that are not always possible to achieve by distributing printed material, such as paper business cards. It is up to us to decide if and when to implement such digital solutions into our businesses to make them more efficient, robust and up-to-date with the modern technology.

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